When you’re on the road in southern and central Oregon and along the coast, you’ll be able to experience the confidence and peace of mind you get when you can confidently say there’s always a Pacific Pride near me. And, you have good reason to feel that way.

Hays Oil Company is a Pacific Pride franchise based in Medford, OR. We deliver bulk fuel supplies a well as a full line of lubrication and maintenance products to our many commercial, industrial, automotive, and agricultural clients throughout the region. We provide services through the commercial Pacific Pride Cardlock Network system.

This allows you to take complete control of the fuel costs for your fleet through our comprehensive fuel management and online reporting system. You set the time of day and how many times per day your operators can refuel, and what type of fuel they use.

You can track odometer readings at each stop to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. And you can download all your fueling data directly into your accounting programs, and have receipts emailed to your supervisors and department heads. You’ll enjoy reduced costs of up to 20% through these purchasing controls and real-time fuel and maintenance monitoring.

At one of Hays Oil Company’s several locations across the region you’ll have access to the highest quality maintenance and lubrication products from the industry leading suppliers. We are fully capable and ready to deliver what you need for all your maintenance and petroleum needs, and we’re available anytime. Our team of professionals can help you devise cost-cutting solutions for any situation.

At Hays Oil Company you’ll always find excellent customer service and the highest quality products at the lowest prices to be found in the region. To learn more about our fuel management programs or for answers to any questions you may have contact us today online or by phone.