Coined in the US, the term differently abled stands for a person who has a physical and/or mental disability. This term was created to show that differently abled people are in no ways any less capable, to normal people. And it is true! Biologically, it has been observed that differently abled people have heightened senses and other naturally enhanced physical abilities. The automobile market has recognized the immense potential of the differently abled target market and has introduced a whole new range of differently-abled friendly cars.

A new player for a new crowd:

The market today offers differently abled cars in all categories. The latest product in the fray is the Crossover vehicle. Technically, a crossover is a vehicle that is based on a unibody car platform and is typically a fusion between a Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV and a station wagon model. The Bussani Mobility team has partnered along with Ford motors has come up with the first ever Crossover SUV. The braunability mxv‌ has heralded a new era in the field of mobility for differently abled people. An enhanced version of the Ford Explorer, this vehicle is loaded with features that make driving pleasure for people on wheelchairs. Some of the salient features include a sliding door technology with automatic collapsible lighted ramp, detachable driver and passenger seats, the standard NERF bar.

The scope of business in the differently abled mobility market:

For the last 40 years, the automobile market has made phenomenal progress in the field of mobility market for the differently abled. The focus is not just on renting, selling and servicing of differently abled friendly cars. Today, companies are even offering personalized mobility solutions to customers through their seasoned panel of mobility specialists and driver rehabilitation counselors. This helps the former to move around with dignity and convenience is guaranteed every time they are commuting!