Summer road trip season is upon us and we have a great list of game suggestions for you and your family to enjoy. Get your pre-owned car in Rochester ready with summer maintenance before getting on the road, get all packed up and you’re set for a fun adventure on the road. Once you’re ready to go, these games can help keep everyone occupied on your trip.

  • Predictions: For this game, select an upcoming exit and list how many miles away it is and the time and your speed. From there, have each player make a prediction of the time you’ve arrive there. The winner gets to pick the next time you stop and where.
  • Car Bingo: Make 5×5 bingo boards before you leave on your trip with common logos you will see on the road such as McDonald’s or Motel 6. Make sure each board is different.
  • 21 Questions: Have someone think of something and everyone in the car takes turn asking different questions. Whoever guesses right gets to start the next round and so on.
  • The Singing Game: One person starts singing a song, then using a lyric from the song, the next person has to connect it with another song and so on until someone is stumped. This is great for music lovers.
  • The Movie Game: Start with an actor/actress and the next person has to say a move they were in and then the next person has to say another actor/actress and so on until someone is wrong.
  • The Alphabet Game: This classic game has players trying to find words in alphabetical order along the way. You can use business signs, road signs or billboards, but not license plates. The first one to get to the end of the alphabet wins. Once a word is said, no one else can use that word.

When it comes to making your road trip more enjoyable for both the children and adults, these road trip games can help pass the time.