Driving a truck can be considered a rather risky job as there are several thousand truck drivers who are killed in their profession every year. There are a rather big percentage of fatalities and injuries that are caused due to malfunctions in the engine and collisions. One of the most common reasons behind engine malfunction is overload. Overloading of trucks has become a widespread phenomenon these days which is exerting an unnecessary pressure on the engine of the vehicle. Owning an onboard weighing system can let you smartly avoid any accident due to overloaded vehicle and engine failure.

It is not that overloading is the only cause behind so many road accidents as there are different other reasons as well. If you wish to stay miles away from such fatal road accidents, here are few road safety rules that you should certainly keep in mind.

  1. Gear up your vehicle for ensuring a safe drive

Being a truck driver, one of the main things that you should do is to gear up your vehicle for a ride. Before you set out on the roads, you have to make sure that all the required safety features are perfect in your vehicle. Are the seatbelts in a proper condition? Your truck should also have protection of impact like airbags or bull bars. Also check the stability and trailer controls.

  1. Stick to your lane while driving

One of the best ways in which you can avoid road accidents is by staying in the same lane as it is possible. If there arises a situation where you have to change lanes, make sure you inform the other drivers on road with a signal so that they know about your next move. Watch out for blind spots and don’t forget that changing lanes frequently boosts your chances of meeting with an accident.

  1. Be aware of the weather conditions

One more thing which is useful is to review the weather forecasts before setting out on a journey. This constitutes yet another vital part of the safety of the driver as he can have different experiences while driving in different weather conditions. If you’re driving during winter, you should never allot yourself long drive hours and you also have to drive slow in order to avoid accidents. It is better to drive below the speed limit if there’s snow on roads.

  1. Focus on the road and stay alert

Whenever you’re driving a truck, you need to be alert of all that is happening around you and you also need to stay aware of everything. Focus on the road and also around the rig. If you’re driving on a highway, during heavy traffic, you should always consider an ‘escape route’. Stay aware of the vehicles in front of you, beside you and behind you. Respond accordingly as per what the situation calls for.

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you can avoid road accidents, make sure you follow them in order to prevent yourself from being subject to any odds on road.