A damaged or broken car can result in expensive repair work. Such car would not be of any use for its owner. It is the best decision to sell them to companies who buy these cars and give some money in return. To get the best value for your damaged car, it is important to know few tips.

How does this business operate?

Junk cars owners sell their damaged car or its parts to scrap yards that buy them and give them cash in return. This is in the best interest of owner as it gives them atleast some value of their car. These salvage lots then sell these parts to repair shops or other car owners for money. So, this is a WIN-WIN situation for both salvage lots and car owners. Sell The Car USA is a popular car company who buy damaged cars that are in non-running and broken state.

Get the title

To establish your ownership of the vehicle which you want to sell, you must first obtain the title for it. This improves the chances of selling the car and get good value for it.

Evaluate its value

Before approaching wrecked car buyers, you should also be clear on how much can you expect for your damaged car. To set realistic expectation, it is important to examine the condition of the car. Assess all the damages present in the car and then determine its value. If you want to get good value then you can even perform some less costly repairs on your own. The lesser the damages, more will be its value.

Get prices quotation

Once you get an estimation of the resale value of the car, you can now visit junkyards in your location. You need to do a google search to find professional, reliable and efficient junkyard companies. Different junkyards will provide you different quotations.

You should atleast get a minimum of three price quotations. The amount that they offer against your damaged car will be based on the model, make and the type, number and severity of damages present in your car. Go with the one who offers the best value for your car.


Not doing extensive research, failing to establish ownership or poor negotiation skills can deprive you from getting the best value for your damaged vehicle. It is thus important to learn and implement these skills to ensure you get the maximum value for it.