Cars are very much important in a person’s life. Muscle car deserves special mention among all other cars. It looks very beautiful and is having a vintage look also. Many people possess this muscle car now also. You can know about the stories of muscle car from different blogs. Robert St Thomas writes one such blog.

There are many ways of washing the car. Firstly you will have to clean the interiors then the part of cleaning the exterior comes. It is very easy to clean the exterior part of your car. Washing and waxing are very important in the matter of cleaning the exterior of your muscle car.

Washing and waxing your muscle car

For removing mud, dirt and salt from the car you can use hand spray. Hand sprays are mainly used for cleaning the exterior of the car. This is a muscle car so you must ensure that you are having good control of the spray. For avoiding rust you will have to dry the exterior. Some cleaning agent may also be essential to use to shine your muscle car. You can use that only by wiping off.

If you are wishing for a quick wax then you can use various waxing substance available in the market. First, you need confirmation that the paint is not having any contaminants. You must do the confirmation before applying new wax on the surface of your muscle car. For removing old wax, you can also use paint cleaning clay along with the liquid cleaner. This is to remove the old wax and it also cleans paint.  It also creates a smooth surface for applying wax. You can use wax along with a separate microfiber towel.

So this is not at all a hard job. Do this with care and your muscle car will shine like the new one.