Basic bike parts:

The parts of the bike mean we know the handlebars, brakes, etc but also there are various components of the bike. The components of the bikes are as follows,

  • Frame
  • Chain set and chain rings
  • engine
  • Crank arms
  • Bottom bracket
  • sprockets
  • Rear cassette
  • Wheel
  • Pedal
  • Handlebars and horn
  • Forks
  • Saddles and seat post


The sprockets are the wheel which makes the radial projection to make the chain pass. It is used to make a rotary motion of gears to make a linear motion to a track. There are various designs of sprockets available. The sprockets can run efficiently and some chains are constructed to ma it noises less.

Frame of a motorcycle:

The frame is the core part of the bike and it is the only part that supports the engine. It gives the place for the steering and helps the passenger and supports the rider. In some motorbikes, the sub frames are attached to the engines.

Rear cassette:

The gears on the bike are called cogs and the arrangement of the cogs in the ascending order is called the cassette. It regulates the movement of the motorbike. There are various types of gears available and it is one of the gears.

Motorbike seats:

It is the place where the rider is seated and it is the only smooth surface in a bike and it is also called a pillion. In the new upcoming bikes in India, the seats are considered as an important feature because it only decides the mood of the rider when he or she is seated in it.

Handlebars and horn of a motorcycle:

The handlebars are the tubular component and it is the mounting place for various controls. It only controls the clutch, brake, horn and the throttle. There are various types of handlebars available like beach bars, ape hangers, buckhorn bars, etc. the horn is the component that alerts the rider and also the people in the road.

Chain set and crank arms:

The chain set is the group of various parts of the bike. It groups the pedals and moves the wheels according to the rotation. It contains two sides namely a drive side and the crank arm which is attached to the chain rings.

Engine of a bike:

The motorbike consists of two strokes or four-stroke engine and it gives the power to move the motorbike. It is the brain of the vehicle which regulates all the actions just like the human brain. Almost all the motor bikes use the internal combustion engines in its production.

Wheel set of bike:

The wheel set is the part that makes the bike move and it is the leg of the bike. As we use our legs to walk the wheels are the part which is used to move the vehicle. It contains radial and axial forces and manages the brake, suspension, drive etc.

These are some of the important bike parts which you have to know about these basic parts uses. This will helps to drive and maintain your bike easily and safely.